Aardvark Enterprises
Information for Contractors

For those of you who haven't already experienced it, contracting in Venda can be quite challenging and frustrating.

The area continues to expand despite country and global recessions, unfortunately without much planning. Streets have no names and are full of potholes, basic facilities like electricity and water are often not available, officials can be corrupt and sadly the business sector has adopted a "customer is dirt" approach.

Unfortunately we can't do much about that lot, but be assured that at least at Aardvark you will get treated right. We need your business, plain and simple. Come in and see us, let us know what you are doing and where. Our job is to make your's easier. We have a few account and loyalty options available to simplify your time in Venda, There is always plenty of parking, clean toilets and a cup of coffee here.

Print out our Map of the area and the list of helpful numbers. Believe me your GPS will be as confused as you around here.
Hopefuly this map will not just help you get to us, but also to a doctor, takeaway, casino, garage, police station, guesthouse, supermarket or other useful address if the need arises. I have also marked other retailers who cater to basic building supplies that we don't carry.